Using the Text Editor

Several widgets and fields in Drupal make use of a common Text Editor to allow users to add and format text content. The Text Editor offers common text formatting options such as bold, italics, and lists, as well as the ability to create links, headers and embedded images.

Adding Text

  • Text can be typed directly into the Editor window.
  • When copying and pasting text from a different source, use the Paste Plain Text function to ensure clean formatting of the text you're entering. Click the Paste Plain Text button on the Editor toolbar (see illustration below) and paste your text into the pop-up window that appears.
  • Some browsers do not support using the Paste Plain Text toolbar button. You may also use a keyboard shortcut:
    • Shift+Command+V on Mac
    • Shift+Control+V on PC

Formatting Text

  • Text can be formatted by highlighting the chosen text and clicking Bold, Italics, or one of the options from the drop-down menus labelled "Format" and "Styles".
  • The "Format" menu allows users to add headings ranging from Heading 1 to Heading 6. Headers should be used to organize content and arranged hierarchically. See the Writing for the Web Guide for more information on how to use headers.
  • The "Styles" menu offers several styles that can be applied to regular text.

Creating/Removing Links

  • Links can be created by highlighting text and clicking the link button. For links to pages on, begin typing the title page in the URL field and select the correct page from the drop-down. For external links, copy and paste the target page's URL into the URL field. See Adding and Styling Links for more information.
  • Remove links by clicking the link you wish to remove and then clicking the remove link button. You may also right-click (Control+Click on Mac) the link and select Unlink from the drop-down.
  • You may add Anchor points for on-page links (links that take you directly to a certain point on a page) using the Anchor button. See Adding Anchors for instructions.

Creating Lists

  • Create a bulleted or numbered list using the list buttons on the toolbar. Click the button to create the first list item, enter the text, then press Enter or Return to create the next list item.
  • Use the Increase Indent and Decrease Indent buttons to change the indent of your bullets/numbers. This can be used to create a hierarchy within your list.

Adding a Table

  • See Adding Tables for instructions on adding a table with the Text Editor.

Adding Images

  • See Adding Images for instructions on embedding images with the Text Editor.

Editing HTML

  • Note: Editing HTML should only be attempted if the user has experience.
  • Click the Source button on the toolbar to shift the Editor's view and show HTML.

Expanding the Editor Window

  • To create more space for writing and editing text, click the Maximize button on the end of the toolbar. This will expand the Editor to fill your entire window.
  • Click the Maximize button again to return the Editor to its original size.

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